Boxers Versus Briefs

Boxers Versus Briefs in Mens’ Underwear

When it comes to mens’ underwear boxers are the most popular item. They are worn by juniors, young and senior men alike. According to some surveys briefs are popular choice for men’s underwear as well, but boxers and boxer- briefs specifically, are gaining popularity over them. Boxers are the choice of young men, perhaps due to peer pressure. Boxers cover more flash than briefs as they are somewhat shorts like. They can be loose and allow more room. On the other hand, if you need specialty underwear for the gym or just underwear offering support, briefs could prove their advantages.
Most grown-up men don’t need any guidance whether to choose boxers, briefs, or anything between, they have already picked their favorite underwear item and stick to it. But if you need something new and different, lets put the dilemma Boxers versus Briefs down this way:
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Briefs: Brief is usually white cotton underwear that covers the buttock, gives good support in genitals area, and doesn’t cover the legs, as the shorts do. Briefs are not just something from the past, they can become handy if you are working out or sitting long hours before the computer screen and your boxers start to bunch up inside the pants. But the best asset of briefs is that they do provide support.
Boxers Boxers are the usual choice of most grown up men. I can think of several obvious advantages. Boxers are more acceptable as lounge-wear at home. They are shorts after all. Boxers are roomy and cover more than briefs, thus hiding some of the flaws of man’s physique. The main disadvantage of the boxers is that they don’t provide any support at all.
The years-old debate boxers versus briefs resulted with the design of new styles like the boxer briefs and trunks.
Boxer- briefs offer the coverage and functionality of boxers combined with the support of briefs.
Trunks have square cut design and offer support as briefs do. They are form fitting like boxer- briefs but have square cut style which accounts for their name.

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